Eligibility For Subsidies From Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplace ? Still Too Expensive For Texans

Finding The Right Health Insurance For You

Private health insurance has been the main source of health coverage among 58 percent of all Americans in the United States. As for the elderly citizens and eligible children, as well as families coming from a low-income household, public programs are their primary source of health cover.

For those who are not being covered by a publicly funded program, or if partial coverage can only be applied, some kind of private health insurance is needed.

There are many things to consider when selecting the correct insurance option. There are now pre-existing conditions of health insurances wherein the government assists in programs as well as new provisions in the new legislation to help those people who already have these pre-existing conditions get covered.

Experts regarding health insurance matters advise purchasers to think carefully about what is ideal for them in terms of current condition/circumstances, as well as those of their families. These points to consider include:

Big premiums today, or in the future? – For those who have little income and still has a good health condition, it is more convenient for you to aim for a high-deductible plan to start with, that has progressively lower monthly premiums as time goes by. And for those who require high health care requirements, a low deductible plan to start with may be a better choice for you.

Is my doctor included in my plan? – If you are considering having your personal doctor treat you, it is better to make sure that he or his clinic is included in the list of their network of healthcare professionals to avoid changing doctors or pay the necessary out-of-pocket charges for the one you prefer to have.

One or separate plans? – Always check whether it is better to add a spouse or offspring or just get an individual insurance for yourself. It is not always better to add a spouse or an offspring to a premium plan just because of the benefits it may give. Always balance out the benefits offered against the amount that has to be paid.

Choose relevant options – In order to keep your premium costs to a minimum, always make sure that the plans you desire to get are relevant to your conditions.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, people who cannot afford premiums can now have health insurances. One of which is Medicaid which has always been available for some eligible low-income candidates. By the year 2014, those who are earning up to 133% of the federal poverty level will be eligible for the said insurance. Another is Subsidies which are for those earning less than 400% of the federal poverty levels. They are able to apply for financial assistance in paying for their insurance premiums with the help of government subsidies.

According to, the almost one-third population of the Americans that are uninsured and have not yet signed up for any health coverage can qualify for free or low-cost government sponsored health insurance programs.